My Daily Oasis

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Amber Napier Bozeman, M.S.Ed, NCC

Amber created MyDailyOasis in 2011 as a resource for those looking to supplement their efforts in attaining greater overall health and happiness.  The concept of providing online therapeutic programs came to life after working with individuals as a private practice counselor, and finding that it was the holistic-based "tools" she taught clients to use that proved to be most effective in their improved emotional and mental states.  Clients expressed that walking away from sessions with strategies to use in their everyday lives was a refreshing departure from past counseling experiences and the process of building their "toolkit" became invaluable in maintaining a positive frame of mind and a happier way of life.

It seemed a natural and logical next step to offer these tools and strategies to not just one person at a time, but to an entire community of people ready to take their overall health and well-being into their own hands.  Now, MyDailyOasis serves as a space for you to discover and experiment with developing your own personal wellness practices by way of self-help exercises, mindfulness practices, healthy lifestyle tips, mood boosters, development of coping and stress management skills, spiritual practices, positive thinking, and emotional healing strategies.  MDO packages its programs in a variety of 21 and 30 day series so that you receive ongoing support as your wellness journey unfolds.  We are excited about what we have to offer and all that is to come as we all continue to evolve. 

Amber and her husband enjoy a lively household with their two daughters, Addison and Ayla, and their two fur babies.  The joys and challenges of raising a young family are ever present in creating an Oasis of their very own.