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Conscious Community

This space, located on Facebook as its own page, serves as a virtual gathering place for those seeking peace for all beings. By way of a powerful, communal force the group is dedicated to raising the individual and collective consciousness so that love, compassion, and a general benevolence can prevail in this world.

Participants connect spiritually at designated times each day through prayer, meditation, intention, yoga, imagination, energy healing, art or any other spiritual practice that is meaningful to the individual. A theme, intention, or guided practice may be offered each day as a suggestion for practice but the shared pathway toward promoting peace will always be the same: Love. However that is cultivated and shared is up to each person.

Each day at 9pm (EST) is the suggested starting point for this collective practice but as the community grows and individuals across time zones join, additional gathering times will be added.

As natural disaster, humanitarian crisis, political upheaval, environmental destruction, war and famine seem to escalate around the world we hope to answer the spiritual call to help facilitate and support activism, service, healing and goodwill across the globe.

May all beings be healthy, happy, peaceful, and free.

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